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"To all who need and are ready ....
I had the honor to work with Maja over the past 20 years. As professor, confidant, and yes I as student to learn from her, I am so very proud of her progressive blue ocean work she has accomplished for her clients. With all humility as one who ran Rosen/Brown Direct out of Portland Oregon earning 28 echos for my clients,you and your firm will be lucky to have her wisdom on your side. Mazel tov Maja to you and your team. Be the change as a force for good and brilliance."

Richard G. Rosen
President and CEO

"Spago has brought a breath of fresh air into our way of thinking. They constantly encourage us to proceed from the needs of the buyer, even though we are a wholesale dealer that wants to highlight the benefits of our products and offer the best possible. We are of course right in wanting this, but the key lies within the manner, the approach to how we convey such a thing to our buyers. We can talk about our offer and ourselves but through the needs of the buyer. Needless to say, Spago has given us great strategic advice and counsel.

Moreover, what separates Spago from all the other agencies in the market is their commitment, heart, directness, honesty and the fresh ideas they always bring to our meetings.

We have always been pleased with Spago’s work on past projects; with one of the major ones, they have even exceeded our most optimistically set goals.”

Mojca Avšič
Executive Director
Strategic Marketing at Mercator d.d.

“November 2014 marked the second time our bank collaborated with Spago, during which we realised a sales campaign aimed at acquiring new customers and business deals. We are pleased to state that Spago has once again fully met our expectations. We deem their services to be high in quality, with a vast measure of creativity, systematic methodology and adaptability. In short, they offer excellent support towards improving sales.”

Mojca Hočevar
Assistant Sector Director
Banka Koper

"Maja is the most valuable strategic marketing person who helped us rethink our positioning, value proposition, KSPs. From really struggling when selling we have come to a position where a meeting means closing a sale. We are selling the same things, but differently … and that makes all the difference. Thank you Maja :)"

Barbara Bregar-Mrzlikar
CEED Slovenia – Centre for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development

"Four reasons to cooperate with Spago – they are: Creative, Dependant, Responsive, Successful."

Boštjan Bregar
Marg UK, winner of the “2014 Best Business Idea” Award
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